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Just outside of Troutdale and a hand-full of miles south of the Columbia River, just east of Portland, OR there is a picturesque park named Dabney.

I happened along a golfer named Dave today. Without any plans or organized agenda for a Sunday morning round, we joined forces and drove into this beautiful state park in early May.

Little about my new friend Dave: 1.) he putts with a champion Rhyno putter. 2.) baby boomer 3.) insightful 4.) Dave putts upside-down. 5.) Yes, I know, inverted putting technique.

Little did I know but I was once again beginning a round underestimating yet another veteran disc golfer. Luckily we got along rather lovely sharing quick tidbits of technique, philosophy and quotes from the Game we Trust.

"Chains we can believe in"

One of the many ideas that caught my attention at this mini-milo-warm-up course.

Dabney is a perfect example of great design. You don't have to throw 500 feet but must be comfortably accurate with water and ridge line issues paralleling the course. Dave and I were within 3 strokes of each other after 2 rounds which made for a delightful and competitive day of golf. This was only the beginning of many rounds and sun together.

In brief, after Dabney, Dave and myself traveled about 25 northwest into Vancouver, WA to check out a pitch and chip course that goes by Levereche..Just before we parted ways he invited to a private tournament somewhere in Oregon that I took a chance on the following weekend. He thought I would fit in, and after multiple hours of attempted mingling, I somehow found a niche of comprehension concerning this phenomenon of a tournament that is indescribable in every way. It was called the "Masters"

Thanks again Dave for tapping me into a truly Strange and religious disc golf experience!

May the party continue....

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Comment by Z on May 27, 2010 at 4:16pm
I'm in Virginia and I have roosters in the Strange Store.




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