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For those of you that have not seen the crazy amount of growth in the disc golf circuit, it may surprise you to know that the Beaver State Fling sold out in about 6 minutes via online registration at I'm content with showing up 6 minutes before a tournament begins so my hopes were shattered before there was even a chance. Belated at best a consolation of entering this years Milo McIver 3PO*open/MA1(directed by disc golfer and glass blowing magician-Mike Suchocki) were shot down as I made the two hour commute from Eugene to Estacada, OR for pre-reg. on friday night.
Kevin has taught me more about the sport than any one individual so there was no hesitation with walking along side and analyzing great golf at a top 3 west coast disc golf course! Plus Milo offers one ridiculous canvas for action shots along the mighty Clackamas River about a half hour south of the Columbia River beast.

Along with enjoying many other interests, Kevin Hand and I have shared many rounds of disc golf over the years. Never have I had the opportunity to carry the bag for him; never have followed the lead card for the entire final 18, and if ever there was a venue that caught the attention of both player and caddy, Milo McIver sucks you in like a dry vac. and grips you like a mammoth.

Kevin cleaning up the deus on this 367 ft. hole

Ripping the Star Boss like no other..

And ripping the Star Boss one more time for good measure.

Overall I think I did a pretty good job as a caddy. I was there for over 85% of the holes during the 4 rounds. I spoke up only when Kevin wasn't thinking properly, gave space when space was needed, gathered snacks and cooked breakfast each morning, drank minimally aside from lunch, passing the truck mid-round, and into the evening-not past 10, smoked using discretion (except once-downwind-no-no, and set up the huk-sit at most tee pads and organized score card and writing utensil, and, most importantly, agreed when Kevin pulled out the 168 Star Boss.

Kevin cleaning up birdie on the signature hole from only about 58 out...

With each digit of his Hand, Kevin put together an exciting weekend of golf to finish in 5th. This officially begins the installation of the caddy commission union(ccu) where all caddies receive fair treatment.

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Comment by Z on April 19, 2010 at 6:32pm
Now that's a good caddy! You 'lil sleezbucket...You've been wallowing all up in my favorite disc golf destination with no remorse. I shall see Milo within the next couple of years at best. Hope to see you guys at the Idaho State Championship presented by Strange Disc Sports this summer. PEACE




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