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A dirt road meanders through the thick forest and descends gently toward incredible meadow lands with rolling hills. There are no gates or private property postings-just a simple sign: Welcome Home.

Mike appeared from the shadows of a structure to drop what he was doing and show me the grounds in a golf cart. We zoomed around, up-and-down, checking out the best camp sites, the lake, the stage, and most importantly-the 3 separate locations for hole 1. 

How often do you get the chance to survey 3 courses on one private venue?? Only once my friend:

Horning's Hideout!

Aside from being an ideal location for disc golf and music, Horning's boasts a man made lake with fishing and paddle boats, hiking/mountain bike trails and even accommodates wedding ceremonies. 

3 bucks gets unlimited access for the day and for 12 more bucks you can make a night of it.

Relics of culture and creativity are speckled everywhere amongst this very special venue.

The terraced landscape and numerous roadways housing thousands of campsites has favored an amazing sanctuary for disc golf

It was exciting to imagine and feel the energy of this place being filled with tents and campfires surrounding musical acts such as Phish.


Here's a quick rundown of the courses.

Highlands Beginner/ace race layout with solar lights on the baskets and tee signs for night golf.

Canyon Course  Intermediate design with plenty of elevation change. Short and long basket locations

Meadow Ridge  Champion course with true par 4-5 golf. Any scores under 60 considered exceptional!


Meadow Ridge offers fairways comparable to massive Milo McIver himself and shots demanding the accuracy of Steady Ed and his lakeside reserve at the IDGC. 

The physical demands of this course are rewarded with a breathtaking view of Mt. Hood on hole 8. Only the naked eye can capture the beauty of the snow covered mountain resting 75 miles to the east.

During the hilltop intermission, collect your thoughts and energy because 8 holes out here feels like a full round. Be sure to pack plenty of supplies and stay hydrated for the second half that plummets 420ft. into an epic and carefully designed back 9.

Remember! Peacocks have the right-of-way! Roughly 50 of these enchanting creatures roam the grounds and this is their home.  The Valkyries and Wraiths can only touch down briefly then must fly away to their own nest. Please be respectful and tread lightly over this enigmatic disc golf oasis!

Blue Skies

My best round on the ridge was a hard fought 61. Let me know if you can beat it!

Highlands: 43

Canyon: 48

Good Luck






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