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     We all have dreams...A simple thought which clouds the mind whether you are sleeping or conscious.  Some dreams are spawned from whatever may be on someone's mind while sleeping.  Some dreams are created in a conscious state of mind, like desires to travel the World or wanting to be someone famous.  Then there are "Strange Dreamz"...These dreams come from a dark place.  A place where nobody in their right mind would want to be while in their pursuit of happiness.  "Strange Dreamz" were spawned from desperation dangling by a single thread of hope and ambition.  But from this desperation comes something so positive and has touched the lives of tens of thousands of people.  This is from the underground up...This...Is...Strange Disc Sports.


     My name is Kris Zahm, creator and CEO of Strange Disc Sports, Inc.  Some know me as ~Z~ ... Through this website called "The Strange Network", I will be delving into the past, present and future of Strange Disc Sports, Inc.  I will be telling stories about how Strange came to be, my experiences on tour and of course, I'll be dropping hints about what the future holds for Strange Disc Sports.

     First off, I would like to thank 2 Strangerz who have inspired me to do this (y'all know who you are) and I'd like to thank the fans of Strange Disc Sports, without you, this would not exist...

What is Strange Disc Sports, Inc.?

      I created Strange Disc Sports, Inc. in January of 2008, producing & selling branded disc golf products, accessories & apparel. Strange also provides services to the disc golf community such as online tournament registration, tournament merchandising & amateur payout as well as hosting some of the best disc golf tournaments in the country.

What goes into the name Strange Disc Sports?

     A lot of folks ask me why I named my company Strange Disc Sports...Ha haaaa, so many times in my life have I been called "strange".  I'd be Bill Gate'n if I got a dime for every time...Then, often times when folks ask me what I do in my spare time I simply say, "I play disc golf."  They quickly reply, "Disc golf? Hmmm, that's strange."  Also, notice that the name is Strange Disc Sports, not Strange Disc Golf...This is because I do not want to be limited to one flying disc sport as there are so many out there...

     And as human beings we have 5 natural senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting & touching.  And with these senses we are able to take in the things we yearn for, such as music.  Being gifted the sense of hearing has enabled my thoughts to be influenced by one of my favorite forms of art.  Ah yes, music to my ears.  I listen to all kinds of music daily.  Everything from oldies to country to rock to rap.  It soothes my mind and releases my creativity to the point where I feel like I have to express myself and my ideas.  So, in order to reach people and share my thoughts, I turn to those who influence me and have limitless success in reaching millions of people...

     I'm a huge fan of an independent record label called Strange Music, Inc. out of Lee's Summit/KC, Missouri.  This company is led by Travis O'guin & Tech N9ne and I have watched them build their own dream based on hard work and their dedication to bringing the people of the World their music how they want it to be heard.They put together a good team of go-getters full of ambition which is what I see in the future for Strange Disc Sports.

     I am on the same boat but in a different industry, and disc golf, falls into the category of sports.  Like a music group, I am touring city-to-city, state-to-state, bringing people Strange Disc Sports events, products & services how I want people to see it without conforming to anyone or anything.  Some of the ways I run my events on the road are considered by some to be "strange" & "off-the-wall".  The way that I market my business is considered by many to be "strange".  I could go on and on about why this is called Strange Disc Sports but I won't.  I just simply want Strangerz to know my mentality going into this business venture.

The "Stranger" behind the mask...

     I don't know if anyone in this lifetime will ever fully understand me but In my next blog post I will be opening up a 'lil bit about my past & present to give you a better understanding of the mind behind the scenes of Strange Disc Sports. 



Kris Zahm - CEO

Strange Disc Sports, Inc.

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Comment by CASEY on July 30, 2011 at 1:14pm

One things for sure: getting hit by a freight train wouldn't slow down your ambition/vision. Tickled that I have been able to see the blossoming of a phenomenon that is everything but common. 

-kudos on the internet log..what's gonna happen next??






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